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Customer Profile

The Aisle-Five client is a Multi-State Financial Institution that provides multiple financial products for their customers. Their services include web based applications to allow their clients the flexibility to perform electronic personal/business banking on their own schedule. To remain competitive, the web based services need to scale with the growth of the bank. These services need to be agile to put distance between them and their competition.


Aisle-Five recommended a Docker/ container based architecture for application development and deployment. Microservices and containers can be a significant enabler to the overall Software Development lifecycle including application deployment.

Business Challenges and Drivers

The banking industry is experiencing a wave of consolidation. Their primary need is to maintain customer loyalty during this transition. The ability to keep pace with the changing competitive landscape was being hampered by outdated development and computing environments. Delivering products at web-scale is not just a customer retention mandate, but a competitive advantage in an era of increasingly agile disruptors.


Our recommendation provides a cost effective solution that will address the variable demand for compute resource in the software development life cycle. The container and microservices environment will provide an agile environment for the bank to continually update the services they offer without disrupting the functionality.

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