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Customer Profile

Our customer is a multinational software corporation that sells software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. Their product has changed from delivery on physical media to electronic distribution via SaaS. To achieve this, they built the services on an IaaS Cloud provider that has provided them with both ease of use and cost savings.


Aisle-Five consultants worked with the client’s Cloud Architects using the Aisle-Five Cloud Adoption Framework Methodology to reduce the overall IaaS bill by 30%. Some of the strategies involved savings that were realized in areas of OS deployments, efficient management of compute and storage services and negotiating favorable rates with IaaS providers. This approach was two pronged, one from the business side and another that entailed technical approaches.

Business Challenges and Drivers

The software business is extremely competitive. There is perpetual pressure to reduce the life cycle cost of software delivery and maintenance. Moving to an electronic distribution method was the first step in lowering the TCO of software tools sold by our client. We engaged with our customer in a Cost Optimization exercise. Their goal was to review their current cloud practices, in an effort to reduce operational cost of their electronic distribution system.


The Aisle-Five Cloud Adoption Framework provided insight into multiple areas of cost savings. The cost savings allowed our customer to lower the TCO of the software tools their customers bought and continued to be competitive. Aisle Five increased the transparency on how the cloud resources were being used so that the customer had greater visibility and control over the IaaS costs.

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