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Customer Profile

The Aisle-Five client is a Financial Institution with over 2800 plus branch offices located across multiple states. Our Client is in growth mode and contracted Aisle-Five to review the current topology and provide a solution that would grow to 4000 branches while adding support for existing applications and anticipated future Cloud Applications.


Our proposed solution is a hybrid connection model with MPLS primary circuit and a broadband secondary circuit. With an active/ active topology our client will realize a 3 – 80 X increase in bandwidth availability while increasing their security posture and providing best in class customer service.

Business Challenges and Drivers

Faced with a dated infrastructure, the use of T1/T3 Carrier Protocols and the need to onboard modern applications, we highlighted the top strategic goals:

• Consistent Network Environment

• Reduce Network complexity

• Provide growth

• Support rich media applications

• Support Cloud based initiatives

• Provide Wireless network access


Our solution met all the requirements listed above. In addition their monthly WAN cost decreased while increasing performance. By implementing our recommended solution, the client will be able to support SaaS based applications while enjoying best in class video and voice network based services.

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