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Remote Operations Infrastructure

Working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak

Working Remote

 Covid-19 has forced companies to dramatically pivot to work-from-home strategies. This change has led companies to scramble and cobble together solutions without a holistic plan. Other companies have applications and platforms running on legacy hardware, infrastructure, or restrictions that do not lend themselves well to remote work. Aisle Five Consulting can help.

Remote Infrastructure

Doing Our Part

In light of how critical remote infrastructure has become, Aisle Five is offering remote access and infrastructure services at significantly lower rates than standard contract terms. Please reach out for more information on these services to keep your business running smoothly. 

Aisle Five's broad range of expertise in cloud infrastructure and datacenter access architecture allows us to configure remote working solutions tailored to any platform or application. We can migrate on-premises architecture to cloud, stand up remote desktop solutions, or build a fully functional platform entirely without physical contact required. 

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